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PT Lantabura International

PT. Lantabura International is an herbal material importer that import herbal material from Middle East and Africa. We also export Indonesian Herbs and Spices. We are a supplier of herbal raw material of Thibun Nabawi with quality products and Islamic value.
Having a vision as a professional and advanced company in the field of export, import, manufacturing, and agency of materials, especially for goods based on Medicines and Herbal Herbs. By prioritizing services and providing quality and sustainable raw materials and having advanced innovations
Sebagai pioneer pengimpor Habbatussauda di Indonesia, sehingga produsen herbal yang berbasis thibun nabawi. Memiliki pengalaman dan jaringan bisnis yang luas, membuat produsen herbal percaya untuk bekerjasama menjadikan PT. Lantabura International sebagai supplier utama bahan baku produk-produk mereka.


Become a professional and more advanced company in the field of industry and trade locally and internationally.


Running an export, import and domestic trading business based on strong sharia-based commercial principles.

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Supplier Bahan Baku Herbal

Habbasyi Black Seeds

Have high antioxidants that contain thymoquinone (TQ), best solution to overcome metabolic disorders due to free radicals.

Supplier Bahan Baku Herbal

Habbasyi Oil

100% Pure Habbasyi oil with protected quality from time to time. Best herb to help curing diseases.

Supplier Bahan Baku Herbal Lantabura International


100% Original dates from Egypt, that rich in nutrients, fiber, and antioxidants. Dates also to maintain health, control blood sugar, prevent cancer cells, and bone health

Supplier Bahan Baku Herbal

Egyptian Habbatus Sauda Honey

Came from a bee that siphon flower nectar essence of nigella sativa flower, having the same benefit like habbatussauda.

Supplier Bahan Baku Herbal

Black Seed Powder

Powder with 50-100 habbatussauda mesh, contain above 100 percent best anti-inflammatory thymoquinone (TQ)

Supplier Bahan Baku Herbal

Papuan Red Fruit Oil

Traditional medicine from Papua contains extraordinary efficacy for improving stamina, lowering blood pressure, and also preventing diseases.

Supplier Bahan Baku Herbal


Came from olive in Tursina, Egypt, best country that produce olive oil that processed with sophisticated technology.

Supplier Bahan Baku Herbal


Oil that has triglycerides and antioxidant, effective for caring skins, and have potential to cure alzheimer.

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