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PT. Lantabura International is a company that imports herbal raw materials from the Middle East and Africa and exports native Indonesian spices that prioritize product quality and Islamic values.
As a pioneer importing Black Seed in Indonesia, so that herbal producers based on thibun Nabawi are familiar with PT. Lantabura International.
Having experience and an extensive business network, makes herbal producers believe in collaborating and making us the main supplier of raw materials for their products.

Safe and Reliable

Our company is a legal entity and have a production license

Quality Products

The products we offer are made with high quality raw materials and processed with modern technology

Easy Process

You don't have to bother taking care of production operations anymore because we do everything, you just have to accept it

Affordable Prices

No need to worry, we offer services at competitive prices


Zaitun Extra Virgin


Madu Habbatusauda

Madu Sumbawa

Produk Herbal

Lantabura International Certification


Trusted with Quality Thibbun Nabawi

Lantabura International is a trusted maklon that provides quality Thibbun Nabawi. Committed to always provide the best for all of our partners.

100% Natural

Every herbal raw material is imported directly from the Middle East and Africa, processed with modern technology that maintains its naturalness.

Guaranteed Legality

We have legality certified, Lantabura International will also assist each partner in obtaining permits to BPOM, HKI or Halal MUI.

The Most Complete & Best Service

Lantabura International serves all needs in creating herbal products, from research and development, formulation of raw materials, quality control, packaging, to product delivery to customers.

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Have a lot of herbal raw materials that are ready for production, have standardized production facilities and warehouses and our team is ready to help discuss your product ideas.

Don't worry, our team will support to BPOM, HAKI, and Halal registrations.